TGU Talks: Immunomodulatory therapeutic approaches in liver disease by Dr Evangelos Triantafyllou (from Imperial College, London)

**In Person Only**

Dr Evangelos Triantafyllou is a Group Leader and Lecturer in Liver Immunology at the Section of Hepatology and Gastroenterology of Imperial College London. Evangelos undertook his PhD at King’s College London (Institute of Liver Studies, 2013-2017) studying the mechanisms of immune-mediated injury in acute liver failure syndromes, having spent part of his doctoral work at the University of Birmingham (Centre for Liver & Gastrointestinal Research, 2013-2015). In 2017, he joined Imperial College London for his post-doctoral research that identified key roles of MerTK and PD-(L)1 signalling pathways in regulating myeloid cell inflammatory and bactericidal functions during liver injury. His work has been funded by Imperial College London, the Rosetrees Trust and UKRI Medical Research Council.

The Triantafyllou lab investigates the cellular, molecular, microbial, and metabolic crosstalk underlying immune dysregulation in acute (e.g., acetaminophen-induced ALF) and chronic (e.g., decompensated cirrhosis, MASLD) liver injury. To explore this, we study both human tissue samples and in vivo disease models. One stream of our research examines the dysregulated and ineffective immune responses to infections, to understand how these shape hepatic immunity and influence disease progression. Another significant area of interest is defining the mechanisms through which different checkpoint pathways become activated during liver inflammation and mediate immune regulation, with the aim of exploiting these in order to produce new immune-directed therapeutic strategies.