Caudillismo, Liberalism and Race in Early Republican Latin America: The Case of Francisco Carmona and his followers in Colombia

Steinar A. Sæther is Associate Professor in Latin American Studies at the University of Oslo since 2005. He has worked mainly on the social and political history of Latin America in the late colonial and early republican periods. His publications include Identidades e independencia en Santa Marta y Riohacha, 1750-1850 (ICANH, 2005); “Independence and the Redefinition of Indianness around Santa Marta, 1750-1850” in JLAS; “Bourbon Absolutism and Marriage Reform in Late Colonial Spanish America” in tAM; “Is Chávez getting what he wants? Bolívar and Popular Participation in the New Historiography on Latin American Independence” in Anales Nueva Epoca and “Estudios recientes sobre raza e independencia en el caribe colombiano (1750-1835)” in C.H. Langebaek
and C. Leal (eds): Historias de raza y nación en América Latina. The last few years has also been interested in Scandinavian migration in Latin America. His the editor of the book Expectations Unfulfilled: Norwegian Migrants in Latin America, 1820-1940 (Brill, forthcoming).”