Scholars' Library: In Conversation with Greg Pak on his comics

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Part of the Lifelong Fellowship portfolio, The Scholars’ Library is a monthly book talk series, where Rhodes alumni can come together to present, discover and debate their literary works. If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out to Georgie Thurston at

For our April event, we are pleased to invite you to take part in a conversation with Greg Pak (Texas & Hertford 1991) on his comic books. Moderated by fellow Scholar Elizabeth Tuck (Maritimes & Linacre 2020), amongst other topics Greg will discuss the process of writing comics, and how this differs from prose or film writing. The floor will also be open for any questions from attendees on Greg’s comics.

Greg Pak (Texas & Hertford 1991) is a Korean American filmmaker and comic book writer best known for his award-winning feature film Robot Stories, his blockbuster comics Planet Hulk and Darth Vader, his original comics Mech Cadet Yu and Ronin Island, and his crowdfunded books The Princess Who Saved Herself and Cooking Will Break Your Heart.

Pak has written almost 600 individual comic books for Marvel, DC, and many other publishers. His Planet Hulk series was adapted into an animated feature and inspired the gladiator Hulk storyline in the Thor: Ragnarok movie. His Mech Cadet Yu series won the 2018 Mike Wieringo Spirit Award and is being adapted into an animated series for Netflix. With artist Takeshi Miyazawa, Pak co-created the character of Amadeus Cho, who co-starred for four years in the Incredible Hercules comic book series and became the lead of Totally Awesome Hulk and Agents of Atlas.

In addition to his comics and film projects, Pak is currently writing 35mm Love Letter, a memoir and guide to analog film photography. For more about his work, please visit