Seasonality and endemicity of Melioidosis: the impact of phages.

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Melioidosis, a serious environmentally-acquired bacterial infection, is endemic in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is often characterised by a noticeable seasonality. Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis, is commonly found in tropical soil and stagnant waters, which represent environmental reservoir of the disease. In this work, we studied environmental phages capable of infecting B. pseudomallei. A particular clade of phages – which is highly abundant in the endemic area of Thailand – infects B. pseudomallei according to temperature conditions: phages are predominantly lytic at a higher temperature of 37oC and mainly lysogenic at 25oC. In this presentation, I will discuss the potential impact of these phages on seasonality and endemicity of Melioidosis.