HYBRID EVENT - Yemen’s Enduring Crisis


Helen Lackner has a long association with the Middle East Centre. She is an associate researcher at SOAS and a visiting fellow at ECFR, as well as a TNI associate. She has worked in and on Yemen for close to half a century, participating in development projects particularly in the rural sector, as well as teaching and research. The second updated and increased edition of Yemen in Crisis, the road to war will be published in the summer. In June Routledge will publish her Yemen, Poverty and Conflict as part of its series on the Contemporary Middle East. She has published numerous chapters and papers on different aspects of Yemeni society and politics in recent years and contributes regularly to Arab Digest, Oxford Analytica and Orient XXI. She is starting work on a new book on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


As the 7th anniversary of the full-scale Yemeni war approaches, Helen Lackner will update the seminar on recent events, providing a brief analysis of the origins of the war and its most significant developments and addressing the main constraints and perspectives for the future. While focusing on the domestic aspects of the situation, she will put them in the regional context and also address the role of the international allies of the major parties involved.