The Digital Publication of Eighteenth-Century English Correspondences

This workshop is part of a series of online events arranged in lieu of the full Durham Early Modern Conference, which will return 6-8 July 2021

The first part of this panel will outline some of the opportunities and challenges in producing an edition of correspondence in a digital format rather than print. How can a digital edition most effectively locate itself alongside existing projects and databases? When physical space is not an issue, how do you make decisions about what to include and what to reject? How do you make the reading experience easiest for your readers, without compromising the faithfulness of the text? and at what point, when editing and development is potentially infinite, can you call an edition ‘finished’? The second part will consist of a demonstration of some of the answers to these questions in the case of the EMCO project, by following a single letter through from finding it in an archive or library, through automatic transcription and annotation, re-writing into computer-readable XML language, merging with the EMCO database, and final publication. The third part of the panel will explain the use by both EMCO and the Hannah More Trust of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation as a vehicle for facilitating fund-raising and collaboration between people and institutions.

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