Uterus Transplants in the Mexican Context

This two-day workshop will bring together Oxford academics and Mexican policymakers in order to discuss two issues:

What are the ethical aspects of uterus transplants?
What is the current legal status of uterus transplants in Mexico?
The workshop will hopefully lead to legislative change in Mexico, by debating whether it is ethically permissible to allow uterus transplants, and by identifying the federal laws that need to be changed in order for this to occur.

We are delighted to welcome Dip. Reyes Carmona, President of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (Mexican Congress of the Union) and colleagues to Oxford to participate in this workshop.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop please email cesar.palaciosgonzalez@philosophy.ox.ac.uk with a brief outline of your research interests in this area.

Spanish/English translation will be available. We are grateful to Research England’s policy support fund for supporting this workshop.

See the full 2 day programme here www.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/event/uterus-transplants-mexican-context