Digiknow: Tech tools to write clear and simple English for web and print
Do you want to simplify your writing without sounding too simple? This workshop will give you a chance to try out a few simple tips and tricks on test documents. You can also bring your own documents to simplify. You will also learn how to check and interpret the readability score of your document.
Date: 2 March 2020, 12:30 (Monday, 7th week, Hilary 2020)
Venue: 11-13 Banbury Road
Speaker: Dominik Lukes (University of Oxford)
Part of: Digiknow: tools and tech to help you succeed
Topics: Writing, Readers, Communication, Readability (Literary style)--Computer programs, Digital communications
Booking required?: Required
Booking url: https://cosy.ox.ac.uk/accessplan/LMSPortal/UI/Page/Courses/book.aspx?courseid=DG038
Audience: Members of the University only
Editor: Michelle Stork