WHG Lunchtime Lab Talks: Hinch & Jones Groups

For non centre members who would like to attend in person please email isabel.schmidt@well.ox.ac.uk to register. You will need to bring your University card and sign in at reception on arrival.

Hinch Group 12:30-13:00
Speaker: Anjali Hinch
Title: “Programmed DNA double-strand breaks drive intense mutagenesis in human recombination hotspots”

Jones Group 13:00-13:30
Speaker: Dr Vitul Jain
Title: “SEMA4A suppresses the function of human iNKT cells via PLEXIN B2 receptor”
Speaker: Dr Jing Yu
Title: “Cryo-EM structure of the PlexinD1/Sema3E complex shows two PlexinD1 molecules bridged by Sema3E dimers”