The Impossible Muslim
Counter-extremism measures are an established part of the UK’s counter-terrorism apparatus, with the most significant policy, known as the Prevent Duty, now statutory in public institutions such as nurseries and schools. Counter-extremism policies aim to curb the desires of individuals to become terrorists, primarily through its focus on non-violent ideologies as potential drivers of terrorism. In this talk, I want to explore the idea that whilst counter-extremism measures are designed to limit the possibilities of a terrorist attack, in doing so, they also limit the social and political agency of Muslims. These conditions have created ‘the impossible Muslim’, whose presence in the public sphere is a source of discomfort and tension. I question the possibilities and potential of counter-extremism measures in redefining what a Muslim is and reflect on what it means to exist outside of this proposed model.
Date: 11 June 2021, 15:00 (Friday, 7th week, Trinity 2021)
Venue: Venue to be announced
Speaker: Dr Shereen Fernandez (Queen Mary, University of London)
Organising department: School of Geography and the Environment
Organisers: Dr Amber Murrey (SoGE), Sneha Krishnan (University of Oxford)
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Hosts: Dr Amber Murrey (SoGE), Sneha Krishnan
Part of: Political Worlds Webinar Series: Power and Political Lives in Geography
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