Scaling up sustainable innovation: Actors, institutions and geographies

The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment invites you to a research workshop on sustainable innovation with speakers from the Smith School and the Transport Studies Unit in Oxford, as well as Utrecht University and the EAWAG Institute.

A new phase in the transition to a more sustainable society has arrived: Sustainable innovations are now scaling up. From electric vehicles to decentralized energy, new technologies and organizational forms are diffusing in different institutional contexts around the globe. These developments lead to new questions for researchers interested in sustainability. How can we conceptualize upscaling of sustainable innovation? How can different technologies best be integrated with each other as they diffuse? Can we accelerate diffusion and ensure it really contributes to sustainability? In this workshop we bring together recent insights on these questions from organizational studies, sustainability transition studies, and geography. The papers each highlight the role of a specific actor in scaling up innovation, in the context of a surrounding system. We use examples from energy, mobility and water with a focus throughout the workshop on identifying connections between empirical contexts and theoretical perspectives. The workshop is the first in a series of seminars on Sustainable Innovation organized by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.