Inhibition of the AAA-ATPase p97 with the first in class inhibitor CB-5083 as a novel approach to treat cancer

Dr. Anderson has over 7 years of experience in cancer drug discovery and early-stage research. Prior to joining Cleave in early 2012, Dr. Anderson contributed to a number of oncology-focused small molecule drug discovery programs at Genentech. During this period he led a group responsible for developing novel cellular assays to report on drug activity and mechanism of action. His group contributed key mechanistic insights into the function of clinically approved drugs targeting the MAPK pathway and apoptosis. Dr. Anderson received a PhD in cell biology and biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego in conjunction with the Salk Institute where he was awarded the Martin D. Kamen Cell Biology Thesis Prize. He earned his BS degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Anderson has authored over 20 scientific publications including several in top-tier journals.