Natural Cycles: Revolutionising research in Women's Health
Natural Cycles is an app powered by an algorithm that measures basal body temperature.

The app can be used to research women’s fertility status, measure anovulation, irregular cycles, miscarriage, libido, ovulation status in PCOS, for pandemic stress and to determine Covid vaccine effects on menstrual cycles.

Temperatures are measured with the NC° thermometer, which are entered into the app and the algorithm does the work.
Date: 4 October 2022, 12:00 (Tuesday, 0th week, Michaelmas 2022)
Venue: Innovation Building
Venue Details: Seminar Room
Speaker: Jack Pearson (Natural Cycles)
Organisers: Sheena Lee (MSD Business Partnerships Office), Medical Sciences Division Business Partnerships Office (University of Oxford)
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Host: Sheena Lee (MSD Business Partnerships Office)
Part of: Industry Insight Seminar Series
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Cost: Free
Audience: Members of the University of Oxford and the Biotech/Pharma industry
Editor: Sheena Lee