POSTPONED - TBC - 5th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change
Status: This talk has been cancelled

Deserts and drylands encompass 40% of the globe and shelter two billion people. Arid regions are home to the major religions, valued natural resources, scarcity, wealth and poverty, and face issues that dominate our time. Geopolitics, climate change, development, land degradation, population growth and conflict are issues that have relevance beyond any singular department or perspective.

The Oxford Desert Conference brings together academics and non-academics who research, work and live across the world’s desert and semi-desert regions for two days of vibrant talks, presentations, panels and networking opportunities. It is a truly interdisciplinary event which allows social and physical scientists to exchange views, develop lasting collaborations and make a positive global impact.

For the 2020 Desert Conference, we encourage presentations, panel and roundtable proposals on issues related to social and physical sciences. Topics may include mobile pastoralism (including veterinary sciences), health, heritage, interdisciplinary methodologies, migration (mobility), conflict and development broadly conceived. Environment, remote sensing, archaeology, climate, water and related topics are most welcome.

We encourage participants from the Humanities to join us. Also, we will accept poster presentations as well as proposals for exhibitions and films.