TGU Talk: Stomach Inflammation and related early neoplasia – the SIREN study by Dr Jan Bornschein

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Jan Bornschein is a consultant gastroenterologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT, and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Nuffield Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Oxford. He trained as Gastroenterologist in Magdeburg, Germany, before joining the MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge, for a Post Doc project in 2013. His main clinical interest is in gastrointestinal oncology as well as upper GI diseases in general. His research focus lies on inflammation-induced carcinogenesis in the upper GI tract. He was involved in the last 3 editions of both the German guidelines on H. pylori and ulcer disease as well as diagnosis and management of gastric cancer. He currently represents the BSG on a guideline panel addressing the management of side effects of cancer treatment. He is an active member of the BSG (Gastroduodenal section committee) and the German Society of gastroenterology (section GI oncology), board member of the EAGEN, and he serves as representative for general gastroenterology on the UEG council.

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