Flow Chemistry: Opening Up New Chemistry Frontiers

The talk focuses on unique chemical reactions that can be safely and conveniently done in flow equipment that cannot be safely done in batch reactors. Most chemists think of hydrogenations when they hear about flow chemistry; Richard covers Thales units designed to do all kinds of chemistry, far beyond simple hydrogenations.

Richard Jones was appointed as the CEO of ThalesNano in April 2012. Before holding this position, he was responsible for product direction and user experience for the entire line of ThalesNano instruments. He joined ThalesNano in July of 2004 where he started as Chief Research Chemist, helping to develop the chemistry on the H-Cube® and other flow reactors. He then went on to become Product Manager of the R&D 100 Award winning H-Cube® before becoming Director of Product Management.
Prior to ThalesNano, Richard was at Biofocus Discovery and worked on the synthesis of several Kinase and GPCR inhibitor based compound libraries. Richard studied chemistry at the University of Bristol where he graduated with honors in 1999.