This is the Sound of my Soul: A Muslim's journey seeking belonging and inclusion in the field of Practical Theology

Saiyyidah Zaidi is the first Muslim in Britain to complete a Doctorate in Practical Theology. Her research explores identity and interculturality through the lens of a single Muslim in a Christian field. Her thesis considers if a Muslim Brown British Woman can belong in Practical Theology and, if so, on what basis. Using a constructivist, inductive approach to explore the research question, Saiyyidah employs autoethnography methods and uses a c/Critical i/Intersubjectivity lens to engage with ‘conversation partners’; drawing out insights into the research question that are otherwise unavailable. In this presentation for the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies Saiyyidah will focus on her autoethnographies related to the Summer School she attended at the Centre in 2019 and the subsequent analysis of this experience.