Challenges of Government Conference 2019: The new generations

Politics is experiencing a generational shift. People born after 1980 face starkly different economic, social and technological prospects than previous generations. In almost every country, generational cleavages on core challenges of government are increasingly salient.

Our Challenges of Government Conference 2019 looks at how those under 40 are changing the world, and at the most important issues for millennials and Gen Z – from technology to climate change to generational equality.

Our speakers include activists, thinkers, politicians, researchers and practitioners from every continent – from bestselling authors to current and former young government ministers. The vast majority of our external speakers are under 40, including one of the youngest ministers in Asia (Syed Saddiq); former ministers from Paraguay and Yemen; mayors from Liberia, Afghanistan and Germany; elected politicians from Canada and Ukraine; and (by video message) Pete Buttigieg, Democratic US presidential candidate.