Urban freight in Aotearoa New Zealand: a qualitative inquiry

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

Demand for urban freight is growing. This growth coupled with the industry’s dependence on high-carbon transport modes is at odds with the need for deep carbon emission reductions across the transport sector. Yet to date, research into the freight industry has been somewhat limited to supply chain management, logistics and modelling techniques, with little direct engagement with industry actors. In this presentation, findings from qualitative interviews with freight management and drivers in Aotearoa New Zealand will be presented. Four themes will be used to guide the presentation: 1. Online shopping and home deliveries, 2. Tracking and transparency, 3. New technologies, and 4. Meeting (changing) expectations. The ‘mobility cultures’ concept will be used to explore the relationships between the four themes, and to identify the key change trends that may affect the ability of the freight industry to contribute to a low-carbon transport transition.