Transport Matters

Join us for a buffet style lunch from 12.15 in TSU.

In autumn 2019 we published our latest book with the Policy Press, entitled Transport Matters. Our aim with this book was to bring together a wide range of colleagues – particularly a greater number of younger and early career researchers doing innovative research – to show how and why transport matters across many different aspects of daily life. It reviews key transport issues and explains how and why effective and efficient transport is fundamental to successfully addressing all manner of public policy goals.

In this session we will explore how the contributors to the book explored key questions including how we ‘do’ transport in contemporary society, how the technologies available to us and the cultures of mobility that society creates both contribute to frame the practice and debate about transport; how the sum of these choices has significant social, economic and environmental consequences; and how we could do things differently, to bring about a happier, healthier and more economically secure future for all of us.