History of Understanding of the Cerebral Cortex

1:30 Registration – Cofee
2:00 Welcome – Professor Zoltan Molnar (FENS History Committee Member) and
Mr Sebastian Vasquez Lopez (President of Cortex Club)
2:05 Professor Lorenzo Lorusso (President of FENS History Committee, Neurology
Dept, Mellino Mellini Hospital Trust, Brescia Italy) – Neuroscience discoveries by cinematography
2:30 Professor Colin Blakemore Professor of Neuroscience & Philosophy – Director of the
Centre for the Study of the Senses School of Advanced Study, University of London
3:00 Professor Marco Piccolino (Italian Institute of Neurosciences University of Ferrara, Italy) – Vision and the senses in the work of Galileo Galilei
3:30 Tea (Group photograph)
4:00 Dr Damion Young (Medical Sciences Division Learning Technologies (MSDLT),
University of Oxford) and Professor Zoltan Molnar (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford) – Historic digital repositories for the 21st Century, Developing the history.medsci.ox.ac.uk – site and using it in teaching.
4:30 Dr Tom Quick, (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford)
Nerve physiology and science education in Britain, c.1850-1930.
5:00 Professor Gordon M Shepherd (Department of Neurobiology, Yale School of
Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA). Creating Modern Neuroscience: How Do We Compare
Today with the Revolutionary 1950s?
5:30 Professor Richard Brown (Department of Psychology & Neuroscience,
Dalhousie, University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) – Le Gros Clark versus Zuckerman:
what were their disagreements?
6:00 Concluding remarks Professor Silke Ackermann (Director, Museum of the History of
Science) and Professor Pietro Corsi (History Faculty, The University of Oxford)
6:15 Refreshments