Publication School: UK EQUATOR Centre

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Thursday-Friday 8-9 November 2018, Botnar Research Centre

Registration now open! Places strictly limited so book as soon as possible!

What previous participants have said about EQUATOR Publication School

* Jam packed with really practical tips and ideas * Should be obligatory for all starting out a PhD. * Excellent scope – right the way from authorship and journal selection to submission/peer review/dissemination – not just the bits in the middle! * A very helpful course, wish I’d done it two years ago! * Great pace and content * Really informative and inspiring course * Very comprehensive course covering all aspects of writing and publishing * It has given me the foundation and strategies to construct my manuscript. * Exactly what it says on the tin. * Great value for money. I will come back for more.

This course covers all you need to know to plan for publication and write up your health-related research study. It focuses on the use of reporting guidelines such as CONSORT and STROBE to maximise transparency and usability of your research.

You will experience two intense and enjoyable days of learning led by methodological and writing experts from the UK EQUATOR Centre and the Centre for Statistics in Medicine. We will use group work and discussion and include practical writing exercises to reinforce the learning.

Outline of course content
The importance of publishing responsibly • Introduction to reporting guidelines • Matching study designs with reporting guidelines • Writing the methods and results • Good statistical reporting • Writing the introduction and discussion • Writing the title and abstract • Good writing style • Summarising your research for different audiences • Choosing a journal and avoiding predators

Lunch and refreshments are included in the price of registration

Registration fees
£50 for members of NDORMS and University Students (incl. Brookes)
£95 for University Staff (incl. Brookes)
£195 external applicants