Integrating social sciences in One Health research during epidemics

14-15 July 2022 | 1-4pm UK time
The social context of epidemics is increasingly recognised as important in responding to them. However, it is not always clear when primary research in social sciences is necessary to help an outbreak response, and when it is needed, which different disciplines in social sciences are most useful, and how to integrate their methods into a response.
Social sciences can significantly contribute to the understanding of how to respond to an epidemic holistically. Without an understanding of how anthropology, behavioural science, sociology, geography, linguistics, economics and so forth, epidemic responses will be inadequate. This is further emphasized by the One Heath commission (One Health Commission, 2022).
Designed specifically with first responders to outbreaks in mind, the agenda is sensitive to the practical constraints on managing outbreaks, what research activities could be feasible, and what responsibilities first responders might assume by being involved with such activities.
While there are many international ethical codes of conduct from which to draw, this workshop will bring together regional and local expertise in social sciences in “One Health” to share their reflections on how to integrate social science knowledge and primary research methods into outbreak responses in Africa and to share experiences of different stakeholders to help think through the key challenges for research in this environment.
Participation in the workshop will entitle delegates to access facilities for a longer-term discussion forum through which queries can be posted for rapid answers and discussion of ethical issues, different views and values arising in practice can be shared and facilitated.
This workshop will be part of a greater strategy to form the foundation for a coordinated and integrated strategy in the social sciences for outbreak responses across Africa.
Certificates will be available for participants that complete the feedback form and attend 80%