Brexit - what are the options?

Anatole Kaletsky has written since 1976 for The Economist, The Financial Times and The Times of London before joining Reuters and The International Herald Tribune in 2012. Kaletsky has been an economic consultant since 1997, providing policy analysis and asset allocation advice to over 800 financial institutions, multinational companies and international organisations through his company, GaveKal, which is co-run with Louis and Charles Gave. He was elected to the governing Council of the Royal Economic Society in 1998. In 2012, Kaletsky was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a foundation established after the 2008 financial crisis with $200m of grants from George Soros, Paul Volcker, William Janeway, Jim Balsillie and other leading financiers. INET was set up post-crisis to challenge the mainstream assumptions in contemporary economic research.  Kaletsky was educated at King’s College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a first class honours degree in Mathematics, and then at Harvard, where he was a Kennedy Memorial Scholar and gained a master’s degree in Economics.