The Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh: A Case of “Subhuman”

About the speaker:
Nasir Uddin is a cultural anthropologist based in Bangladesh, and Professor of Anthropology at Chittagong University. He studied and carried out research at the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh), University of Chittagong (Bangladesh), Kyoto University (Japan), the University of Hull (UK), Delhi School of Economics (India), Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Heidelberg University (Germany), and the London School of Economics (UK). His research interests include refugees, statelessness, and citizenship; deterritoriality of identity and transborder movements; indigeneity and identity politics; notions of power and the state in everyday life; borderlands between Bangladesh and Myanmar; the Rohingyas; the Chittagong Hill Tracts; and South Asia. His latest edited books are Life in Peace and Conflict: Indigeneity and State in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Orient BlackSwan, 2017) and Indigeneity on the Move: Varying Manifestation of a Contested Concept (Berghahn, 2017 [co-edited with Eva Gerharz and Pradeep Chakkarath). His forthcoming books are Deterriotorialised Identity and Transborder Movement in South Asia (Springer, 2018 [co-edited with Nasreen Chowdhory) and The Rohingyas: A Case of “Subhuman” (Oxford University Press, 2019)