18th World Congress of the International Society on Toxinology

IST 2015 will explore the structural, pharmacological, evolutionary and clinical aspects of natural toxins.

The congress invites poster abstracts in the key thematic areas of the scientific programme below. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by members of the congress committees. (For session scheduling see Congress Timetable)

1.Natural toxins and drug discovery
2.Toxins and their derivatives in clinical use or in development
3.Proteomics, venomics, antivenomics
4.Genomics and transcriptomics
5.Ion channel toxins
6.Conotoxins and other marine ion channel toxins
7.Snake venom metalloproteinases, phospholipases and other toxins mediating inflammation
8.Antivenom-1: Innovation and commercialisation
9.Antivenom-2: Pre-clinical and clinical assessment
10.Clinical-1: Snake-bites
11.Clinical-2: Arthropod bites and stings
12.Discovering new toxins in unexpected taxa: mammals, amphibians, annelids, crustaceans, ticks, etc.
13.Toxins in natural history and evolution
14.Venoms as an emerging evolutionary model
15.Marine and freshwater algal and dinoflagellate toxins
16.Toxins and the haemostatic system
17.Biotoxins and bioterrorism
18.Advances in the understanding of bacterial and fungal toxins
19.Venom and toxin pharmacology
20.Plant and mushroom poisoning
21.Marine and freshwater stings and venoms
22.Introduction to the VAPAGuide – Venomous And Poisonous Animals Guide

There will also be three one-day, pre-congress didactic introductory courses for younger doctors and scientists held on Thursday 24th September 2015, addressing:

*Basics of clinical envenoming and poisoning: (Organisers: David Warrell & Julian White) *Omics, an introduction: (Organisers: Juan Calvete & Bruno Lomonte) *Realities and practicalities of drug discovery and development: (Organisers: Alan Harvey & Glenn King)

Public engagement with science

On Sunday morning 27th September, the session at the magnificent Sheldonian Theatre will be freely open to the public and advertised as a “public engagement with science” event. With the help of the head master and head of Biology at Magdalen College School, this event will be publicised among most Oxfordshire (and adjacent) state and private schools. We will invite interested 6th formers and hope to ignite in them an interest in toxins and Toxinology’s wide range of cognate disciplines (from proteomics to behavioural zoology).