Oxford @ COP23 Bonn: Measuring progress towards Paris Agreement: Aligning policy and science in global stocktakes. Official Side Event for COP23, Bonn

Please note this event is in Bonn, Germany.

Dialogue, or Talanoa in Fijian, requires transparency: tracking progress towards the Paris goals of “balance” “well below 2°C” needs accurate accounting of both emissions and climate response. We will present the latest science on emission metrics and warming to date, plus implications for the Sustainable Development Goals and CO2 and methane policy.

Official Side Event at COP23, Bonn

Monday 13 November 15:00 to 16:30
Room: Meeting room 11, Bonn Zone


Framing statement by the Honourable Mr. Tshekedi Khama

Placing emissons of different greenhouse gases on a common scale by Professor Keith Shine

Metric choices for calculations of “greenhouse gas balance” in the Paris Agreement by Dr. Jan Fuglestvedt

Monitoring progress towards long-term temperature goals by Professor Myles Allen

Talanoa and questions from the audience

Dr. Adrian Macey will chair the event.

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About the speakers

Honourable Mr. Tshekedi Khama is Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism – Botswana

Professor Keith Shine is Regius Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK. His research interests include the Earth’s radiation budget, radiative forcing of climate change, metrics to place human emissions on a common climate-equivalent scale, and links between aviation and climate change.

Dr. Jan Fuglestvedt is Research Director at CICERO Center for International Climate Research. His research focuses on atmospheric chemistry and climate interactions, modelling of atmospheric and climatic impacts of different human activities.

Professor Myles Allen is Professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford and Head of the Climate Dynamics Group in the University’s Department of Physics. His research focuses on how human and natural influences on climate contribute to observed climate change.

Dr Adrian Macey is Adjunct Professor at the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington. He was New Zealand’s first climate change ambassador, from 2006-2010, responsible for international climate change negotiations, coordination of international policy and domestic outreach. In June 2010, he was elected Vice Chair of the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol negotiations, and then served as Chair for 2011. His research interests are climate policy, the science-policy connections, and global governance.