Past Legacy, Present Tense, a talk by Australian educators on their work addressing educational outcomes of aboriginal children

LOOKOUT, The Australian Model of UK Virtual Schools will provide an overview of how the
UK model works in the Australian context supporting children in care. We will present our
challenges and successes and the work we are doing to change the poor educational and life
outcomes our children have historically faced when entering care.
We will also provide an overview and focus on an understanding of our First Nations culture,
history and legacy of the Stolen GenerationOne
of the darkest chapters of Australian history was the forced removal of Aboriginal
children from their families from the 1800s to 1970s. Children as young as babies were
stolen from their families to be placed in girls and boys homes, foster families or missions.
At the age of 18 they were ‘released’ into white society, most scarred for life by their
experiences. These Aboriginal people are collectively referred to as the ‘Stolen Generations’
because several generations were affected.
Many Aboriginal people are still searching for their parents and siblings.
This is the “Past Legacy” and we will explain how this now impacts the “Present Tense” for
Aboriginal children in care today and the continuing trauma. We will share the work we are
doing to address improved outcomes.
Aboriginal Children are over represented in our data and are 13 times more likely to be
taken into care than non-Indigenous children.