Youth Set the Agenda on the Future of Fuel and Transport In The Race to Zero

A youth-led dialogue about the pathway to net zero for energy and transport ‘from wellhead to wheel’ asking: What is the future for fossil fuels and transport in a net zero world?

This year saw net zero commitments from some of the largest fossil fuel companies and transport companies to net zero by mid-century. This dialogue will bring together leaders in these traditionally hard-to-abate sectors with young researchers and resilience-minded youth speakers, to spark collaborative conversation about how these industries can work together to take meaningful, immediate action on these net zero pathways.

Speakers will include a representative from BP, Shell, and of leading transport industry executives as well as a line up of youth climate policy researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, biofuel engineers, and communications experts, with a particular lens on global south perspectives and resiliency in the transition to a post carbon world.

Lead Event Partners: COP 26 High Level Climate Champions Team, Resilient 40, Oxford Net Zero and Said Business School