‘New Models, Paradigms and Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mood Disorders’
Advances in our mechanistic understanding of mood disorders, and the development of new treatments, has prompted the reformulation of mood disorders and their clinical management. This talk will outline some of the novel ideas that have led to a reconceptualization of mood disorders, and discuss some new ideas and approaches to diagnosis and management.
Date: 14 June 2022, 9:30 (Tuesday, 8th week, Trinity 2022)
Venue: Online, via Zoom - For link to attend, information and to register please contact the host: diana.verley@psych.ox.ac.uk
Speaker: Professor Gin Malhi (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Sydney)
Organising department: Department of Psychiatry
Organiser contact email address: diana.verley@psych.ox.ac.uk
Part of: Psychiatry Seminars
Booking required?: Recommended
Booking email: diana.verley@psych.ox.ac.uk
Audience: Public
Editors: Katherine Stevens, Diana Verley