Latin American Graduate Seminar

”The Full Racial Crisis Triggered by Expansion”: Identity Formation in New Mexico during the State Debate and the Great War, 1848-1919’

Madison Cortez, PhD student in History, Boston College

“Chino, Chino, Japonés” in the “all-inclusive-post-racial” fiction of Mestizaje: Dissecting Anti-Asian racism and political violence in post-revolutionary Mexico

Jessica Fernández de Lara Harada, PhD Candidate, Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge

Discussant of both presenters: Dr Maria de los Angeles Picone, Assistant Professor in History, Boston College
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We believe the new academic and practical challenges linked to the current crisis will unite us all and offer new opportunities.
Besides providing an environment for intellectual engagement, academic feedback and the development of presentation skills, our aim is to see the seminars continue to function as a facilitator for the construction of a network of junior scholars interested in Latin America. Therefore, amidst the COVID19 crisis we have decided to organize an online seminar for all of you who would like to participate either as presenters or attendees. The Latin American Graduate Network is now accepting papers for our online Trinity Term seminar that will take place on Wednesday 20 May from 5pm to 7 pm.