Avoiding authorship angst: UK EQUATOR Centre Lightning Workshop

Another indispensable EQUATOR workshop for early career biomedical and clinical researchers led by Dr Jen de Beyer
Authorship can be a tricky issue in biomedical research, and many people have a horror story to tell.
It doesn’t have to be this way!
Know your authorship rules, rights and responsibilities
Sort it out EARLY so you can concentrate on your research
Share your experiences and hear from others
Work through scenarios to identify strategies for ensuring your author list reflects everyone’s contributions.

Please email Caroline Struthers (caroline.struthers@csm.ox.ac.uk) for further information

Jen de Beyer is CSM’s science writing, dissemination, and publication specialist. She’s here to help your research reach its full potential through clear, complete writing that targets the right audience. She develops resources on how to write fantastic health research articles and teaches science writing skills through the UK EQUATOR Centre.