MitOX 2019 - Annual meeting on cancer metabolism, neuroscience, diabetes, mitochondrial biology.

The Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health invites you to this one day meeting – ideal for researchers with an interest in mitochondria from academia and pharma. It will include a range of short talks and posters on cancer metabolism, neuroscience, diabetes, mitochondrial disorders and general mitochondrial biology. We are normally full and this year our famous Indian wraps and fancy cakes will again be on offer at lunch time.

The deadline for abstracts for short talks and posters is the 1st April with registration if places available. Registration is open until the 21st April. Abstracts should be emailed to: Please be aware it is highly likely we will be full before the closing date.

The cost is £35 for researchers and £20 for students and retired individuals. Lunch and refreshments are included.

930 Karl Morten (Oxford) Welcome


935 Francesca Buffa (Oxford) Genomic drivers of cancer’s metabolic shift
1000 Gyorgy Szabadkai (UCL) Mitochondrial adaptation defines metabolic subtypes of breast cancer
1025 Margaret Ashcroft (Cambridge) The mitochondrial disulphide relay system (DRS) in physiology and disease
1050 Maria Voronkov Bid 23 modulates mitochondrial function by reprogramming the ribosome

1105 Coffee

Mitophagy and Dynamics
1130 Ian Ganley (Dundee) Delineating mitophagy in vivo
1155 Fran Platt (Oxford) The complexity of cellular pathologenesis in single gene disorders: insights from Niemann-Pick type C
1220 Ros Rickaby Rising oxygen in the environment and photosyntheic strategies
1235 Julian Prudent (Cambridge) New roles for PI(4)P in mitochondrial division

1300 Lunch

Heteroplasmy and exogenous stress
1430 Amy Chadwick (Liverpool) Using in vitro models and primary tissue to investigate the importance of individual mitochondrial variation in susceptibility to drug-induced liver injury
1455 Hansong Ma (Cambridge) Nuclear supervision of mtDNA transmission and competition
1520 Iain Johnson (Birmingham) MtDNA heteroplasmy dynamics through lifetimes and generations: understanding and exploiting variability in biology and disease
1545 Ashish Dhir (Edinburgh) Mitochondrial double-stranded RNA triggers antiviral signalling in humans

1610 Tea

Mitochondrial medicine
1635 Carl Fratter (Oxford) FBXL4 related mitochondrial disease is associated with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency
1650 Kieran Clarke (Oxford) The how, when and why of an exogenous ketone ester
1715 Yaomeng Lui (Oxford) Exercise and exosomes
1730 Jonathan Barlow Measuring mitochondrial function in cells and tissues using high resolution respirometry: Exploring the involvement of mitochondria in the effects of exercise on insulin secretion by pancreatic beta-cells.
1745 Matthew Kerr Energetic dysfunction in type 2 diabetic mitochondira can be rescued by the deacetylase activator honokiol

1800 Poster prizes