Przywara Symposium

A day conference on the theology of Erich Przywara, SJ

9:00 – 10:00. Philip Gonzales, “Introducing the Life, Work, and Thought of Erich Przywara”

10:15-11:30. Carl Scerri, “Erich Przywara and Edith Stein: Dissimilarities within Similarities”
Response by Gaven Kerr

Break for Lunch

2:00-3:15. Julian Schuler, “Haupt und Leib Ein Christus – The Augustinian Concept of Ecclesiology in Przywara”
Response by Zachariah Kahler

3:30-5:00. John Betz, “Being at the Crossroads: Przywara’s Metaphysical Anthropology”
Response by Joshua Furnal