Postdoc Appreciation Week - IDRM, University of Oxford

Join us for this special event as part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week (#NPAW2022) with Pint of Science and Proteintech who will provide refreshments and goody bags!

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“Thymic epithelial cell heterogeneity resolved by Infinity Flow” – Dr Fabian Klein (Postdoctoral researcher at IDRM)

The network of thymic stromal cells provides essential niches with unique molecular cues controlling T-cell development and selection. Recent single-cell RNA-sequencing studies uncovered a large transcriptional heterogeneity among thymic epithelial cells (TEC) demonstrating a previously unappreciated complexity. However, there are only very few cell markers that allow a comparable phenotypic identification of TEC. Here we deconvoluted, by massively parallel flow cytometry and machine learning, known and novel TEC phenotypes into novel subpopulations.

“Messages from the heart” – Dr Naveed Akbar (Postdoctoral researcher at RDM)

Following injury to the heart, millions of immune cells enter the blood. The greater the number of immune cells in the blood following a heart attack, the larger the heart attack and increased risk of mortality. This massive mobilisation is in part mediated by the release of nano-sized envelopes called extracellular vesicles. Naveed will share how proteins on the surface of extracellular vesicles act as an address to mediate across organ communication.

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