Use of Video in Higher Education: Theory and Practice

Since the advent of YouTube, video has gained in significance as a medium of instruction. It has become an invaluable resource for informal learning and teaching, professional development, and formal instruction. In higher education, the growth of MOOCs has seen an explosion of available instructional resources in the video format. Questions remain about their pedagogic effectiveness. While video is a technological innovation when it comes to broadening access, it also serves to entrench traditional pedagogies. Yet, it is hard to deny that millions find learning from video preferable to other approaches.

This one-day-symposium is intended to be a gathering of researchers and practitioners to learn from each other, discuss their experiences and set out an agenda for further research and informed practice.

The symposium will organised along a hybrid unconference / workshop model developed by the Collabor8 4 Change workshops. We will have open space, table talks and lightning talks as well as plenary

Topics for discussion and presentations are welcome on any topic with special emphasis on: Video as a medium for learning; Incorporating video into instruction at Higher Education; Institutional practices and policies; Use of video in the higher education classroom; Instructional video production methods; Video and the changing pedagogies; Typology of video in education; MOOCs, lecture capture and other; Effectiveness of video as a medium of instruction; Accessibility and inclusion benefits and challenges