A spatial model of internal displacement and forced migration

About the speaker:
Jon Echevarria Coco, 26, is a PhD student at the Foundations of Economic Analysis II Department at University of Basque Country. His background goes as follows: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, University of Basque Country (2010-2014), Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies, University of Basque Country (2014-2015) and currently PhD in Quantitative Economics and Finance, University of Basque Country. His main research focuses on forced migration, both internal (internal displacement) and external (refugee flows), analysing which factors generate them (armed conflicts, the lack of civil liberties or political rights). His previous research has consisted on the effects of fiscal progressivity in many economic features of society, like the welfare the consumption or the national growth rate. He has published an article, called Refugee gravitation in Public Choice, 169(3-4), 269-292.