Competition of Lifestyles during the Cold War
“Tie Your Lives to Cows!”: America’s 4-H Clubs in Hokkaido
Will Sack, Harvard University

Co-production of the Soviet Everyday Life Imaginary in the Chinese Press During the 1950s
Karina Khasnulina, University of Leipzig
Date: 6 March 2023, 13:00 (Monday, 8th week, Hilary 2023)
Venue: Online (via Microsoft Teams link)
Speakers: Will Sack (Harvard University), Karina Khasnulina (University of Leipzig)
Organising department: Faculty of History
Organisers: Yaxi Liu (University of Oxford), Kuldip Kaur Singh (University of Oxford), Weihan Sun, Simon Lam, Zhixia Jin, Pak Hei (Patrick) Hao (University of Oxford), Zhixia Jin (University of Oxford), Simon Lam (University of Oxford), Young-Chan Choi (University of Oxford), Weihan Sun (University of Oxford), Tommy Yui Chim Lo (University of Oxford)
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Host: Zhixia Jin (University of Oxford)
Part of: International History of East Asia Seminar
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Audience: Public
Editor: Pak Hei Hao