BDI Seminar: Discovery of rare and common variants associated with blood pressure and hypertension
High blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature death. Prior to our work around 70 genetic loci were associated with blood pressure or hypertension. However, at that time there was limited knowledge on the specific causal genes and pathways involved. I will talk through some of the recent advances that have been made in the field of blood pressure genetics over the last twelve months, which have been made possible through large-scale collaborations and UK Biobank.
Date: 13 October 2017, 12:00 (Friday, 1st week, Michaelmas 2017)
Venue: Big Data Institute, Old Road Campus OX3 7LF
Venue Details: BDI LG Seminar Room 0
Speaker: Joanna M M Howson (University Lecturer in Statistical Genomics, University of Cambridge)
Organising department: Big Data Institute
Host: Prof Cecilia Lindgren (University of Oxford)
Part of: BDI seminars
Booking required?: Not required
Audience: Members of the University only
Editors: Graham Bagley, Natasha Bowyer