The James Lind Library Launch Event

Speakers include:
Iain Chalmers – From al-Razi to the Cochrane Tamiflu review. Illustrations of the development of fair tests for treatments
Ben Goldacre – Dealing with biased reporting of research: from Francis Bacon to the AllTrials campaign
Doug Altman – Improving the quality of reports of research: from Donald Mainland to the EQUATOR Network
Jeremy Howick – How the JLL has been used in the History and Philosophy of EBHC module
Douglas Badenoch – Learning how to use information syntheses in the service of patients

‘The James Lind Library has been developed to illustrate the evolution of fair tests of treatments in health care. It contains essays introducing and explaining the key features of fair tests of treatments; images of key passages from 1000 documents, from antiquity to the present; and over 200 commissioned articles commenting on this wealth of material.’ ‘The James Lind Library was initially launched in 2003 by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Twelve years later it has undergone a radical redesign and its scope has been extended to incorporate material illustrating the evolution of evidence-based health care.’ ‘The redesigned James Lind Library which has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will be launched under the aegis of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford. Please join us in celebrating this event on International Clinical Trials Day – 20 May – the date on which James Lind began his celebrated clinical trial comparing different treatments for scurvy.’