From Protein Complexes Structures to Synthetic Viral Nanosystems

Bio: Prof Imre Berger, School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol, UK

Imre was trained as a biochemist at Leibniz University and Medical School (MHH) in Hannover (Germany), MIT (Cambridge, USA), and ETH Zurich (Switzerland). He researches multiprotein complexes in human health and disease, and develops enabling technologies for this purpose.

Imre carried out his PhD work at MIT with the late Alexander Rich, a pioneer in molecular and structural biology. He joined Timothy Richmond at ETH Zurich as a post-doc and research assistant. In 2007, Imre was appointed Group Leader at the EMBL. Since 2014, he is Professor of Biochemistry and Deputy Director of the Bristol synthetic biology centre BrisSynBio at the University of Bristol, UK.

Imre has developed the MultiBac system for multiprotein expression which has accelerated research and development in academia and industry world-wide. He holds international patents for multigene delivery and expression technologies, published more than 100 papers in leading periodicals and received numerous distinctions, including the Swiss Technology Award, the W.A. DeVigier Foundation Award and recently the Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award for his innovative research.