Oxford IBD MasterClass 2024 "Personalising care in IBD – the future is now!"

We are delighted to advise that registration is now open for the Oxford IBD MasterClass 2024. 

The conference will be held on 23rd & 24th September 2024 at the Examination Schools in Oxford.  The theme of the meeting will be the progress towards Personalising Care in clinical practice.  As always, the meeting will be delivered by a distinguished faculty of expert speakers. 
We are delighted that Professor Vipul Jairath (Western University, Ontario) has accepted our invitation to present the Truelove Lecture. Other international members of the faculty include Professors Jean-Frederic- Colombel (New York), Séverine Vermeire & Edouard Louis (Belgium) as well as our colleagues from the United Kingdom; Sarah Teichmann (Sanger Centre), Chris Lamb (Newcastle), James Lee (The Francis Crick Institute, London), Nicola Fearnhead (Cambridge), Ailsa Hart (St Marks Hospital, London), James Lindsay (London) & Nick Powell (Imperial College, London). 

It is really a very exciting programme for scientists, physicians and other health care professionals.

In addition to the main Oxford MasterClass we are delighted to announce that we will be running a forum for specialist IBD Nurses: ‘The Clinical / Research Interface’. This programme includes ‘current models for clinical research with presentations from three UK centres’ (St George’s University Hospitals, London, University Hospital Southampton, Oxford University Hospitals).  The programme will be running in the morning on Monday 23rd September.  Nurses attending this forum are welcome to join the main Oxford MasterClass Meeting from 09:50 am on Monday plus Tuesday morning.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford!
Professor Jack Satsangi and the OMC Scientific Committee
(Paul Klenerman, Simon Leedham,  Holm Uhlig, Alissa Walsh, Oliver Brain, Lydia White & Denise O’Donnell)