Better understanding of Disease and Health Using Protein Biomarkers

Introduction: A Precision Proteomics Solution for Targeted Human Protein Biomarker Discovery with Proseek Multiplex.
Dr Xavier Tait, Olink Proteomics, UK

Main presentation: “A Multi-omnics Approach to Explore Biomarkers of Disease”
Professor Manuel Mayr, King’s College London

Technologies for large-scale analysis of proteins are increasingly driving the discovery of new biomarkers that are important in disease processes. Olink Proteomics provides Proseek® Multiplex, an innovative and high-multiplex immunoassay solution for simultaneous detection of 92 proteins across 96 samples, using just one microliter of sample and compatible with a wide range of human body fluids. Our goal is to accelerate the search for new multivariate protein expression patterns that could serve as biomarkers to improve prediction and prognosis of diseases, as well as discovery of new drug targets.

This can be used on the Fluidigm Biomark HD platforms already part of the portfolio of technologies held by the Oxford Genomics Centre