Reciprocal Practices

Artist Talk
Florence Peake: ‘Reciprocal Practices’

Florence Peake will take key works from her making-history that use explicitly a range of diverse practices, mediums and collaborations that intersect, collapse and feed each other. She will focus on how ideas find a medium for expression; form leading subject, materials and materiality, presence, the energetic, and states of being leading the choreographic.
Florence Peake is a London-based artist who has been making work since 1995. She makes solo and group performance works intertwined with an extensive visual art practice. Peake’s practice uses movement, text, film, drawing, painting and sculpture that respond and intercept each other to articulate, extend and push ideas through diverse media. By encouraging chaotic relationships between the body and material, she creates radical and outlandish performances, creating temporary alliances and micro-communities within the audience.
Peake has recently exhibited and presented performances at: National Gallery (2021), touring to Southwark Park Galleries(2023), Fruit Market Edinburgh (2023), Towner Hayward Eastbourne (2024). Hayward Gallery’s touring British Art Show 9 (2021). Groupius Bae, Berlin (2022) Venice Biennale 2019.

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