“Cambridge research on mindfulness training for mental health promotion: trials, distress, and immunity”

Bio: Dr Julieta Galante is a NIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. She is a qualified medical doctor specialised in public mental health research. Her main interest is studying the effects of meditation techniques for mental health promotion. Her PhD looked at loving-kindness meditation and as a postdoc she led the Mindful Student Study, a trial of a comprehensive scheme to provide mindfulness courses to students at the University of Cambridge.

In this talk Julieta will update us on the mindfulness research that she and her team are doing at Cambridge, including new data and new projects. As part of this she will present the intriguing preliminary results of a Mindful Trust-funded exploratory trial set up to investigate whether and how mindfulness could help mitigate immune dysregulation and pro-inflammatory states stemming from stress, particularly during the exam term.