From Research to Patent: or I'm a researcher so what use is a Patent office to me?

Researchers from other divisions also welcome at this event.

Ever had people telling you that you should be careful to protect your research ideas and look after your IP? Wondered what all this talk about patents is really about and if any of it is really relevant or useful to you?
Well this is your chance to find out from someone who has been on the journey from Oxford DPhil student to European Patent Examiner, so come along and find out first-hand how patent searches could be used to help you identify trends in specific fields as you develop your research.
Vit Sipal completed his DPhil in the Dept of Engineering before becoming a Patent Examiner at the European Patent Office. He will be sharing his experiences of moving from one form of research to another as well as giving you an action demonstration of how to use their Espacenet tool to support your research.