4th Annual Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture: Protecting groundwater quality in a shale-gas exploration era

The development of a shale-gas industry in the UK is nascent and controversial. One of the key concerns is the potential for harm to groundwater quality in aquifers, including those used for drinking water. This talk will present groundwater data for two locations in England earmarked for shale-gas exploration. Research findings outline the importance of establishing a baseline in groundwater quality ahead of any new development and highlight some of the challenges in distinguishing shale-gas environmental impacts from natural variation.

About the Speaker
Dr. Pauline Smedley is a hydrogeochemist who has been working for the British Geological Survey for thirty years, having started her career there under the leadership of Prof Mike Edmunds. She specialises in geochemical processes in groundwater and aquifers, including occurrence of pollutants and natural contaminants and their impacts on drinking water. She is the author and editor of over 120 papers, reports, edited books and book chapters on hydrogeochemistry and water quality.