My methodological journey in the interrogation of bridewealth's influence

Prof. Dodoo attended the University of Ghana, followed by degrees in Economics (Washington State University) and a PhD in Demography (University of Pennsylvania). He has worked at Vanderbilt University, University of Maryland and is now at Pennsylvania State University and is Pro-Vice Chancellor Research, University of Ghana. His areas of research are demography, gender, poverty and family with a focus on building research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa. He examines demographic and health outcomes associated with urban poverty, inter-generational transfer of norms governing the gendered stratification of sexuality, the male role and intersection of gender and power in fertility decision making. He is the Founding Director of an African Diaspora Studies Program (Tulane), African American Studies (Vanderbilt), Director African Population and Health Research Centre (Kenya), Founding Chair of the African American Studies (Maryland) and Director Regional Institute for Population Studies. He was a President of the Ghana Olympics Committee, is an avid athlete and competed in four Olympic Games for Ghana between 1984 and 1986.