Metalloproteinases and their inhibitors: beginning, past and future

54 years ago, the first collagen-degrading MMP was found in the tadpole tail….
What have we discovered since and where are we going in future…

This meeting is dedicated to two major contributers to the field, Hideaki Nagase and Gillian Murphy.

There will be an opportunity for Poster presentation, and short talks will be selected from the abstracts.
Registration will open in April.


Wolfram Bode (Max Plank, Germany)
Zena Werb (UCSF, US)
Keith Brew (FAU, US)
Chris Overall (UBC, Canada)
Bill Parks (UCLA, US)
Suneel Apte (Cleveland Clinics, US)
Rama Khokha (OCI, Canada)
Sharon Stack (Univ Notre Dame, US)
Armando Rosello (Univ Pisa, Italy)
Dylan Edwards (UEA, UK)
Tim Cawston (Newcastle, UK)
Andy Docherty (UCB, UK)
Irit Sagi (Weizmann Inst Sci, Israel)
Yasunori Okada (Juntendo Univ, Japan)
Hideaki Nagase (Univ Oxford, UK) and
Gillian Murphy (Univ Cambridge, UK)

Linda Troeberg (Oxford)
Jelena Gavrilovic (UEA)
Yoshifumi Itoh (Oxford)