Mind Awareness & Management Principles in Indian Philosophy

Mind Awareness and Management Principles in Indian Philosophy by Dr Kannan Parameswaran.

The importance of having awareness about the mind, its control, management and how this knowledge and skill can be utilised to contribute towards the ultimate growth of an individual are discussed elaborately in this talk.

An individual’s curiosity on the subject will be satisfied through clarification about the correct purpose of all the religious and yogic practices in the Indian tradition.

Ultimately established by this talk, is the importance of having awareness about the reality that the body-mind mechanism and the Atma are two different entities working together as part of the existence. This awareness is crucial, as well as inevitable for the long lasting happiness and peace of an individual.

A clear understanding will be provided about the concept of Atma and why individuals have misconceptions about Atma. The correct definition of key terms used in the Indian tradition (eg Moksha, Atma/Purusha, Prakrti, Manas, Buddhi, Chittam, Ahamkaram, Yoga, Kaivalyam) will be provided.

Finally, with the help of quotations from original texts, an explanation will be given on how the various layers of the mind block correct understanding of the Atma.